Sr. No.GradeApplicationsShort SpecificationPDF File
1HB-1001Used in non-stick utensil handles.This is general purpose composition available in different flow properties.Download
2HB-125Used in non-stick utensil handles and electrical accessories.
It has got a good glossy finish and very high mechanical strength and also has high electrical properties.Download
3HB-1130Electrical AccessoriesThis grade has superior electrical properties as compared to other general purpose powder, and is suitable for electrical accessories and common switchgear components.Download
4HB-999Injection moulding grade used in cooker handles as well as electrical switch gears and electrical relays etc.This is an injection grade powder used in injection moulding machine for different applications.Download
5HB-6170 Used in electrical switch gears.Used in electrical switch gears and electrical relay parts etc.Download
6HD-1Special grade for cooker handle.It gives very good glossy finish and widely used in electrical relays and switch gears.Download
7HB-3355Defense components, bobbin handles and attachments for industrial appliances.This provides higher degree of shock resistance, this is being used particularly for certain defense components,bobbin handles and attachments for industrial appliances.Download
8HB-4422Applications which may be subject to roughest handling and severe mechanical shocks.This powder has super high shock resistance and is recommended for applications which may be subject to roughest handling and severe mechanical shocks.Download
9HB-5560High Electrical breakdown strength material like comprise coil formers and capacitor casings.Special mineral fillers are used in this grade to enhance the electrical properties. high electrical breakdown strength. low power loss and powder factor are the special properties obtained in addition to high dimensional stability and low water absorption. typical applications comprise coil formers capacitor casings etc.Download
10HB-6620Above 8 K.V electrical strength.This grade possesses the highest electrical properties among all the hibcolite grades.Download
11HB-7723Small slip rings, pump walls and bearings.This grade has excellent self lubricating and anti-friction properties and is therefore used for small slip rings, pump walls and bearings because of incorporation of graphite the moulded articals have higher electrical conductivity than other Bakelite articles. Thus this grade can be used whenever antistatic properties are required out of the articles. This property can also be exploited in metallising the moulding.Download
12HB-8820Glass fiber P.F. moulding powder.This grade has good mechanical properties coupled with high heat resistance, high dielectric properties, low water absorption and good dimensional stability.Download